Celebrate Halloween Season in Glens Falls With Mountain Dew Voo-Dew and Spooky Beverages

Like a ghost in the night, Mountain Dew Voo-Dew has returned to haunt store shelves for Halloween season. This is the third annual release of the Voo-Dew series, and once again, the beverage is a mystery flavor that will leave you guessing in the world of the unknown. Find out more about the 2021 Mountain Dew Voo-Dew below, and check out a few Halloween-inspired drink recipes featuring your favorite PepsiCo beverages.

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Voo-Dew Is Back: Can You Guess the Mystery Flavor Before Halloween?

As a fun way to celebrate the Halloween season, Mountain Dew launched its Voo-Dew series back in fall 2019. Mountain Dew Voo-Dew is easily recognizable thanks to its spooky imagery and grim reaper-style mascot, and each year, the beverage has a new mystery flavor for the public to guess.

In 2019, the mystery flavor was Candy Corn, and last year, the mystery flavor was Fruit Candy Explosion. Since its release, there has been much speculation online about the 2021 flavor. Some people say it tastes like Starburst or Laffy Taffy, while others say it’s closer to SweeTARTS or Pixy Stix.

For now, the flavor remains a mystery until Mountain Dew reveals it at the end of October. If you’d like to taste it for yourself beforehand, then visit your local grocery store in Warren, Washington, and Saratoga counties. We are distributing this seasonal Mountain Dew flavor through the end of November.

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Looking for More Spooky Beverages? Here Are 3 Fun Drink Recipes to Try

Halloween Orange Sherbert Punch: Enjoy a Fizzy, Orange-Themed Drink

From pumpkins and candy corn to the colorful foliage, orange is one of the main colors of fall, and that’s why we’re highlighting a Halloween Orange Sherbert Punch recipe. Featured on RuchisKitchen.com, this refreshing and non-alcoholic drink is perfect for all ages and easy to make for Halloween parties or just a festive night at home.

The recipe includes a mix of orange sherbert, orange juice, an orange soda like Crush, and plenty of ice to keep your punch chilled. Halloween Orange Sherbert Punch tastes creamy and is packed with citrus flavor, and you can decorate it with candy corn or orange slices.

Full recipe available on RuchisKitchen.com

Spooky Halloween Punch: Create a Dark & Eerie Punch to Impress Your Friends

For another fun and fruity drink this season, consider making a batch of Spooky Halloween Punch. As described on BitzNGiggles.com, all you need is a couple ingredients to create a delicious punch with an eerie color.

To make the punch, mix together grape juice, pineapple juice, and your favorite lemon-lime soda, such as Sierra Mist. Then, before serving, rim each punch glass with corn syrup, and then dip them into a bowl of nonpareils (preferably with black colors included). After you fill up the glass with the Spooky Halloween Punch, some of the nonpareils should melt and create dark streaks through the drink.

Full recipe available on BitzNGiggles.com

Witch’s Brew Halloween Punch: Stir Up a Ghoulishly Green Beverage

Double, double toil and trouble, it’s time to make your own Witch’s Brew Halloween Punch. SugarHero.com has a sparkling lime punch recipe that’s not too sweet, and not too tangy. The main ingredients include pineapple juice, lime sherbet, lemon juice, and some ginger ale like Schweppes. Your Witch’s Brew Halloween Punch will have a ghoulishly green color, and while you can add dry ice for a special effect, it’s not necessary to enjoy your drink.

Full Recipe available on SugarHero.com

Are you ready to have a spooktacular Halloween? Pick up some Mountain Dew Voo-Dew or mix up a spooky drink for your Halloween party this year.

Bonus Beverage Spotlight: Enjoy a Sip of Nostalgia With Pepsi’s New Cream Soda Flavor

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Grease isn’t just a fun Halloween costume idea, it’s also the influence behind PepsiCo’s new seasonal product – Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop. To celebrate the classic musical’s 50th anniversary, PepsiCo has enlisted the help of singer/rapper Doja Kat to reimagine the song “You’re the One That I Want,” which is featured in the company’s new ad for Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop.

The limited edition Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop harkens back to the soda shop era and includes two delicious flavors made with real sugar, Cream Soda and Black Cherry. These flavors are available now through the end of November at local grocery and convenience stores.

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