5 Fantastic Beverages for Athletes to Stay Hydrated & Motivated

When you want to stay fit and quench your thirst with a drink that goes a bit beyond tap water, but will still keep you going, we have five beverage recommendations you can pair up with popular sports and activities in the Glens Falls area.

For the Runners: Tropicana Orange Juice

people walking to a 5K, orange juice graphic

Training for a 5K or half marathon? Maybe you’re just taking a lunchtime jog around the block when you can. According to a 2020 study reported in the Journal of Nutrition and Health Sciences, drinking 100% orange juice following exercise contributes to healthy hydration just as well as water and sports drinks. Plus, orange juice has enough calories to slightly fill up a hungry stomach in the morning before a short run, without going overboard and causing cramping.

Tropicana provides 100% orange juice and one glass packs 100% of your daily recommended vitamin C intake. Stick with the classic Pure Premium or opt for the Trop50 No Pulp Calcium + Vitamin D; there’s also Tropicana Premium Drinks with additional flavors like apple.

For the Disc Golfers: Bubly Sparkling Water

disc golf basket, bubly water graphic

Disc golfing: It’s the new pickleball! If you’re throwing the frisbee these days at Crandall Park or another disc golf course in the region, next time consider pairing your activity with one of Bubly’s many spectacular sparkling water flavors.

If you love a fruity kick to your flavored water, you’ll have a tough time picking a Bubly favorite. Check out Strawberry Bubly, Blackberry Bubly, Cherry Bubly, Grapefruit Bubly, Mango Bubly, and more. They even have a few select flavors with 35mg of caffeine: Mango Passion Fruit, Blood Orange Grapefruit, Citrus Cherry, Triple Berry, and Blueberry Pomegranate.

For the Swimmers: Gatorade

YMCA swimming pool, zero Gatorade graphic

Gatorade: It’s the ultimate sports beverage! According to the reputable WebMD, Gatorade can give you an extra boost of energy in addition to replacing electrolytes and keeping you hydrated. It’s recommended to drink Gatorade a couple of hours before your swim, or within two hours after you end your swim to help you rehydrate.

Swimming is one of those sports that is truly a “full-body” experience, working everything you have. If you are swimming (or engaging in a heavy workout) for over one hour, and/or in extreme heat, you’ll definitely want to add some Gatorade to the mix.

Electrolytes help regulate the balance of fluids in your body. And with a wide variety of flavors from Lemon-Lime to Fruit Punch to the super popular Cool Blue, swimmers will never be bored with their electrolyte-filled beverage of choice. Try Gatorade Zero for no sugar with the same benefits, and get as many laps in as you can!

For the Hikers: LIFEWTR

hiking t rail, LIFEWTR graphic

Whether you’re strolling through Cole’s Woods or heading north to take on a High Peak, you can’t go hiking without water, and LIFEWTR is a great choice. For one thing, the shape of the smooth, sleek bottle secures easily to a backpack, and is said to “ride better” than other water bottles. But more importantly, this pH balanced, purified water beverage has added electrolytes for additional benefits and taste.

There’s another advantage to choosing LIFEWTR for when you hit the trails: this brand is committed to highlighting and promoting creativity and the arts, and that’s why every few months they launch a new series of LIFEWTR bottles focusing on a unique aspect of art. Who knows, maybe your flavored water bottle of choice will spark creative inspiration for you while you’re on your hike.

For the Yogis: Propel Water

woman doing yoga on lakefront deck, Propel water graphic

Sweeten up your yoga practice by keeping a Propel bottle by your mat! Like LIFEWTR, Propel Water provides electrolytes, and it also comes in a variety of flavors like Grape, Lemon, Black Cherry, and Strawberry Lemonade.

Propel can help refill lost fluid and materials from sweat when you’re exercising, particularly in hot temperatures. This makes it the perfect beverage to bring with you for your yoga session, whether you’re practicing outdoors by Lake George, or sweating it up in a hot yoga class

Bonus Recommendation (For Any Sport!): Aquafina

While it’s fun (and flavorful!) to switch up your beverage of choice, it’s always important to stay hydrated with good old fashioned H2O, especially when exercising or participating in sports.

Aquafina, like the above drinks, is available locally, and is an excellent choice when it comes to water. Aquafina water has been treated through reverse osmosis to effectively remove salts, chlorides, bacteria, and other unneeded elements.

Whether you’re keeping it classic with water, switching it up with flavored or sparkling water, or you’re going outside the box for your hydration needs, the above beverages from PepsiCo are all available in the Glens Falls region wherever Pepsi products are sold. When you buy Pepsi products locally, you’re supporting our family-owned company. Happy hydration, and stay active out there!

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